Top 5 Astrophotography Blogs / Websites

astrophotography, astrophotography magazine

It is not all about the images

As you can imagine, I view hundreds of astrophotography websites each week, and I see thousands of astro images each week. Although most are very pleasing to the eye, this is a list of our top 5 favourite Astrophotography Blogs due to content, not just the images.


astrophotography, astrophotography magazine

Here is a real favourite of ours. Kayron Mercia of has one of the very best astrophotography websites on the internet. The tutorials are outstanding. They are written in such a way that even if you have a few months of experience under your belt with imaging, you are able to easily follow the tutorials.

The website is updated regularly which really does make it a joy to visit. Kayron is very well known in the astrophotography community and is very well respected.


astrophotography, astrophotography magazine

Ian Norman of has an amazing website here that is bursting with information, tutorials and reviews. As well as being one of the very first imagers to voice his thoughts on the “Sony Star Eater” he also manufactures his very own filters and Sharpstar2, Precision Focusing Tools.

One of the main reasons we like this website so much is the content. The content within this website is up-to-date and very well laid out.

I am sure you will find this website just as interesting as us and keep returning.


astrophotography, astrophotography magazine

This personal blog by Rod Mollise does not seem to be updated as regular as it once was which is a great shame. However, what you will find here is a great source of information of the adventures that Rod has had over the past few years. He writes in a way that anyone will find hard not to enjoy. He is quite comical in most of his posts but also is meticulous when it comes to information, facts and figures.

If you have not yet visited this website, you have a great treat in store.


astrophotography, astrophotography magazine

Terry Hancock is probably one of the most loved astrophotographers in the community. His images stand out from all others. He has a style all of his own and his images are easily recognizable. The Downunder Observatory website is amazing. Not only does he showcase some of his amazing images here, he also offers very affordable, online tuition. There really are some amazing testimonials form his students past and present. This website has all the information you could ever need to learn and master astro imaging.


astrophotography, astrophotography magazine

Ron Brecher has been an astrophotographer since 1998. He is also a very well known and loved imager. His images are some of the very best you will see online. Within the pages of his website you will see amazing images with very detailed information on each.

Ron also tutors imagers online and is also great friends with Terry Hancock. They have been know to work together on images, these are also on this website.

I am sure you will enjoy his website just as much as we do.