QSI:- Competition

QSI 6162

QSI 6162

2019 competition (open)

The 2019 astrophotography competition is open for business!

Don’t miss your chance to win a brand new QSI 6162 camera.

Entering is quick and easy… simply upload your amazing astrophotos, give us the capture details and a QSI 6162 camera could be yours. We’re excited to see what incredible images 2019 will bring.

Good luck to all our #Astrophotographers!

Tip: We publish the entries in batches so that we can monitor what is published on our public domain, so do not worry if you do not see your entry straight away.

Competition Terms and Conditions:
By entering the QSI Astrophotography competition you are accepting that your image may be used in QSI marketing material (where possible the photographer will be credited). All entries must have been taken on an QSI Camera. No responsibility can be accepted for entries lost, delayed or corrupted. If an entry is entered twice we only publish one. QSI Cameras reserve the right to amend or alter the terms of competitions and reject entries. A public vote will open after the competition closes in 2020, from which the finalists will be selected.The final decision will then go to the QSI judges. The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence will be entered into. The winner(s) will be notified by email and will then be announced on the QSI website and social media platforms. Competition closes 2020.

QSI: rs series

The QSI RS Series is designed for life science and research applications from Visible to NIR wavelengths. Dual read rates of up to 8 MHz with high-speed USB 2.0, deep cooling to >45C below ambient and full 16-bit output allow QSI RS Series cameras to produce high quality images with high frame rates, extremely wide dynamic range, excellent linearity and exceptionally low noise.

Some RS series cameras are available with no-coverglass CCDs and a fused silica window for maximum transmission across a broad spectrum of light, from as low as 350nm up to 1100nm. Electronic input and output triggers with latency as low as 5µsec allow precise exposure timing and triggering of external events such as strobes. RS 9.2, RS 6.1, RS 4.2 and RS 2.0 models support Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) exposure mode for flow visualization with two exposures as close together as 100µsec.

Cooling on the RS Series is achieved with a custom 2-stage TEC supporting regulated cooling up to >45C below ambient, or greater than 50C with the optional Liquid Heat Exchanger.

The refined engineering and impressive fit, finish and attention to detail will surpass your highest expectations.


  • Unsurpassed image quality

  • Designed in the USA

  • Compact, refined design

  • AR-coated fused silica window

  • Configurations available for UV to NIR applications from 240nm to 1100nm

  • Selectable ROI and binning

  • Input and output triggers

  • PIV exposure mode for flow visualization

  • Dual read rates up to 8 MHz

  • High-speed USB 2.0, full 16-bit output

  • Air and liquid cooling to >50C

  • Available 5 or 8 position color filter wheel

  • Micro-Manager Microscopy Software New!

  • COM-compatible Windows API

  • Linux drivers and API