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Gemini Telescope Design:- G53F Friction Drive Mount – German Equatorial

by GTD

This German Equatorial mount tracks the stars with the highest precision in its category. Based on our Friction Drive System (without gears) is the perfect solution for amateur or professional astrophotographers working in the field and for small to medium observatory use, operated locally or remote.

What are the advantages over the gear worm based system?

Our friction based mounts have no backlash at all, guide perfectly even in DEC, enable longer autoguiding exposures (5-10 sec). Our special wear resistant design keeps its performance over time. All these characteristics and many others together with its low weight make the G53F Friction Drive German Equatorial Mount the ideal astrophotography mount in the field or in the observatory.

Video below features the G53F with a 30-cm f4 tube made from carbon, length 110cm, total weight 26 kg.

Main features of the G53F German EQ Mount

NEW 2017 model intro video

  • Encoder based friction drive system

  • All cables routed internally (from 06.2016)

  • USB and 12V power routed internally

  • PULSAR 2 based drive system

  • Real Time PEC function to keep the target within cca 1,5″

  • Absolute position reference for recovery after system breakdown

  • Can be separated in two parts (4 screws), the total weight is 20 kg

  • 45 kg payload

  • Integrated Losmandy rail interface (exchangable)

  • Sidereal, Lunar, Solar and custom tracking of all Solar System objects with C2A

  • Up to 4,5 deg/sec GoTo speed

  • LX200 (most commands) and ASCOM compatible

  • Reference stars, M, NGC, IC, and custom programmable database

  • Smart meridian flips (for robotic mode and efficient goto)

  • Parking also via external switch (cloud detector) – when the PC breaks down

  • Real time refraction correction (for tracking and goto)

  • 12-18 VDC operation, 1A consumption

  • Built in GPS reciever in the hand controller (from november 2012)

  • Free firmware updates, language versions and many other goodies

  • Accurate 12×30 polar finder with illumination (optional)

  • 5 years of warranty for mechanical parts and 1 year for all electronic parts


Stable GHS CArbon tripod

The GHS CArbon tripod offers an uncompromised solid base for your G53F. The carbon fiber composit legs adjust independently which means easy setup in the most rough terrain conditions. What has not changed, is the legendary stability confirmed by many satisfied customers. The Qlock system saves you a lot of frustration in the dark! You just put the mount head on, turn a hand knob inside the pier and it’s done. Adjusts between 75-110 cm. The legs fold completely for easy transport and storage . The GHS CArbon tripod weights only 9 kg! Watch the video.

The geometry and materials of this tripod represent the highest standard in vibration suppression and torsional stiffness. Available with a variety of adaptors for other types of mounts.


Gemini polar scope HP2 – Easy polar alignment

Precise polar aligment in a few minutes? Yes, possible with the original polar scope Gemini HP2! This polar scope uses three stars for alignment for high precision and freedom from reading star charts. You just find the position when the three circles on the reticle match the stars. It is more accurate than traditional “Star Drift” methods. The large 30 mm objective lens lets you see enough stars for a precise alignment. The 12x magnification provides the accuracy needed for GoTo and astrophotography.


Gemini No-Flip pier extension – Uninterrupted astrophotography for compact telescopes

This practical pier extension allows you to take images uninterrupted, even when the object crosses the meridian. Works with refractors up to 5″ or reflectors up to about 10″. The elevation range is 35-50 degree. Adds 390 mm to the pier (241 mm more than the original base) and weights 5 kg. Robust aluminum construction that will not compromise stability. The RA head can be exchanged in 5 minutes between the original and the extended base.


Price list for the G53F and accessories

  • G53F with cables, cw. shaft, Pulsar2, RealTime PEC: 5350,00 EUR (this item is currently not available)

  • Tranport case: 170,00 EUR

  • GHS CArbon Qlock tripod: 1310,00 EUR

  • Gemini HP2 Polar scope (illuminator not supplied): 180,00 EUR

  • Adapter (G53f and G42) for the QHY electronic polar finder: 41 EUR

  • Permanent setup adapter: 80,00 EUR

  • No-Flip pier extension: 492,22 EUR

  • Counterweights d30 mm

Shipping and tax is not included. You will pay 22% sales tax (EU orders only) that you can deduct and pay the rate applicable in your country.

Gemini Telescope Design:-


A harmonic drive is a speed reducer with high ratios with very high efficiency and no backlash. At very high ratios they are non-reversing too. Harmonic Drive AG offers them in a package with bearings and sealed housing, load and torque ratings that far exceed the needs of a telescope mount. To increase the reduction (160, but in fact 161) I added a planetary gear that slides inside the hollow input shaft of the harmonic drive. This drive on the Mountegra will serve you for eternity.

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