Astro Hutech / Borg: Another Veil thru NB1

1- This was a 1st test shot by Scott Denning in Colorado under the moonlight.


His comment : This is an experimental image of the Veil in Cygnus using NB1 filter with OSC camera (ASI 094MC Pro). About 2 hours exposure (25x300s) with Borg 125SD @ f/3.9 during waning gibbous moon in my suburban back yard the past two nights. Flats and darks applied, then processed in PixInsight.

It took a lot of work in PI to get the color balance to be pleasing, but I am very happy with the result. The NB1 filter works very well to isolate Ha and O3 under bright moonlit skies!

Thanks for your quick feedback on NB1. Enjoy with a new filter. Scott, when I used NB1 with my 183MC last time, I pre-set white balance – red – 96 & blue – 88. It might not be the same for 094MC. But I thought it might be useful for your next attempt.


2- I also resumed astro activity. This might be 1st time to take gear outside almost in 3 months. Fortunately now I can carry some portable mounts and scopes after foot and back injuries. Still a bit hesitating though. I missed a lot of summer targets this year.


This was my 1st attempt to test CFW with a color camera under the sky. Unfortunately I was forced to be washed out by the marine layer quickly. But at least I figured out each filter was switched as expected from PC. So this was the good to start anyway.


IDAS filters are set as follows

From top : NB2-48, NB3-48 and ODW(clear)-48

From top : NB2-48, NB3-48 and ODW(clear)-48