Astro hutech: Sightron-Japan’s Super Solid CF Tripod


I don’t hesitate to express this is the best portable tripod I’ve ever touched and owned.

Sightron Japan introduced the super solid and lightweight carbon fiber tripod to our community. It will be available thru Astro Hutech in US soon. I brought a sample with me from Japan last week.

11-layer and 40mm/36mm diameter CF tubes are the key components for the stability. I think these numbers are quite large – larger than most of premium brand carbon fiber tripods in the market. Take a look at this comparison.


The left one is Sky-watcher standard tripod. According to my measurement, it was 44mm diameter. So you can see how 40mm is big as CF legs. And the joint sections are well solid too. I forced to twist legs. But barely flexuous. Nothing worried at all.

And with various adapters,  this should be more than $1,000 values if compared with others in my opinion. See the beautiful machining finish as below!


Here are setup with my mounts. Bigger mounts like EM10/11 are still no problem.


Specs are

  • 2.1kg

  • 140mm to 830mm high

  • 11-layer 40mm and 36mm diameter CF tubes

  • 30kg load capacity

  • Independent leg spread

  • Adapters : 3/8″ or 1/4″ and Sky-watcher EQ5, 3, EQM35 & some others like Vixen

US price : $499.00

Quick release adapter is well machined, snap-on and smooth release. Very pleasing touch.

Yes, this is the ultimate portable tripod highly recommended to the serious astronomers.