The RedCat 51 Raffle in aid of Scopes4Schools CLUB MEMBERS ONLY!

The RedCat 51 Raffle in aid of Scopes4Schools

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Since I haven't run a raffle like this before perhaps we can, those of us involved, use this as a test case for future Raffles and Competitions. This is how I see it.
There are 100 maximum entries and these are to be paid for via PayPal to using the friends and family option (A Scopes4Schools bank account will be opened in due course if this is a reasonably effective success).
1. Each ticket costs £10 UK pounds sterling and that amount must appear in my PayPal before your ticket number is released. NO MULTIPLE PAYMENTS - if you want two tickets then you MUST MAKE SEPARATE PAYMENTS INCLUDING PROPER CONTACT DETAILS EACH TIME - This is because I am new to this and do not want any hiccups at my end.
2. Each payment MUST be accompanied by your name and contacts details so I can issue an acknowledgement.
3. Any short payments or invalid entries will be notified as soon as possible and the money in these cases will be returned less PayPal fees so PLEASE make the correct payment if paying from outside the UK.

4. Shipping in UK and most major countries will be included BUT YOU MUST PAY ANY IMPORT FEES DUE ITEM VALUE WILL BE SHOWN AS £550
5. This RedCat IS NOT brand new and has some small marks from use, has faded a little in places as it is the Mk1 model though it has seen very light use and appears to be very good indeed optically. It includes the parts it came with - Bag, Scope, short dovetail, registration card and RedCat stickers. There are no dents or dings, it has some dust externally on the rubber grips, there is a small scratch on the dew shield from storage. I will be trying to get one more wide field image from it while the raffle runs for greater interest and my own pleasure.
6. The draw will take place when all 100 tickets are sold.
7. I reserve the right to end the draw at any time and return the ticket cost to each entrant via PayPal refund (this may include situations such as legal enforcement of cancellation of the draw, my ill health, any other significant scenario that would reasonably make the draw impossible.
8. The item was bought and paid for by me and was imported lawfully into the UK with all import duties being paid by me originally, to HM Revenue and Customs.
9. The draw will be made publicly by a non interested party (to be announced) and the Winner will be contacted personally to ensure a smooth transaction.
10. The Spirit of the Raffle is to enable a basic, second hand imaging rig to be provided to a local South West UK school for the purposes of their developing an Astronomy and Imaging Club in their own right. I will be supporting their endeavor and wish it to springboard regular donations to worthy schools across the planet Earth.

PLEASE LET ME KNOW IMMEDIATELY YOU HAVE ANY CONCERNS, ADVICE OR RESERVATIONS REGARDING THIS PROJECT. The website for is under construction and is a part of The Backyard Astro Imaging Club and AstronomyABC projects.

My contact details are please email me or FB messenger at any time.

E&OE - This project is designed simply to encourage the future generations of Astro Imagers and I thank you all for your time and consideration in this important matter. I remain your friend and humble servant signed in good faith - T.A.Cowell - Owner and Founder this day 1st September 2019 ad

telescope picture for illustration purposes. images taken with the actual telescope by me using an ASI071