Rainbow Astro:- RST-2000F



  • Mount TypeEquatorial Fork mount

  • Size15kg (33lb, unnecessary balance weights)

  • Instrument payload capacity200 kg (440 lbs)

  • Pointing accuracy>2arcmin

  • Worm wheelsR.A. 550 teeth, 550 mm diameter,

  • Dec. 400 teeth, 400 mm diameter

  • Transmission systemBacklash-free system with timing belt

  • and low backlash fixed

  • Motor2 axes servo brushless

  • Power supply24VDC

  • Go-to-sppedx800

  • Pointing accuracy< 20” with internal multiple-stars

  • software mapping

  • Communication portsUSB2.0 for PC. RJ45 8pin connector

  • for Keypad, Autoguide port



The RST-2000F mount is built for observatories with an instrumentation up to a weight of 200 kg and it’s loading capacity allows for mounting instruments like 24 inch Cassegrains. The wormwheels diameter of 550 mm and 550 teeth in RA, and a 400 mm and 400 teeth in DEC. Only one cable runs from the control box to the mount. The RST-2000F can be controlled completely using the included keypad(Hubo-i NaviCom), without requiring any external PC. We will install it very precisely and promise reliable after-service support.


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