Borg:- CFW with OSC Camera & IDAS Nebula Booster I, II & III


Believe or not, this is my 1st CFW. I’m a lazy astro photographer. Always seeking for the easy way. So no monochrome choice came up my mind before.

But this is different. This CFW will be used for one-shot color camera with IDAS Nebular Booster.


This allows to change IDAS NB1 to 3, and ODW(clear) for broadband color from PC. This should make narrowband & broadband imaging with one-shot color camera more convenient and joyful.


M48 mounted are scheduled to come up by end of this month. This should be good up to APS-C sensor.

A glass size of M52 is 49mm. So if your carousel allows to set 49mm unmounted, that’s possible too.