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From astrophotographer for astrophotographers - budget astrophotography gear. Developed to optimize the capture process. Striving for stress-free astrophotography sessions.



Little ASCOM supported autofocuser box with everything you need for pinpoint stars! AF1 was developed in November 2018 and comes with very compact enclosure, which enables a lot of freedom when mounting. The box contains a professionally made electronics on a printed circuit, which provides great longterm reliability. And with our ever growing list of mounting adapters, it's still our best value for money autofocusing unit for stress-free sessions. Not finding your focuser on the list of already available mount adapters? Not a problem - our unique custom adapter design service is still available for a small additional fee.


Listening to your feedback we developed a next generation autofocusing unit with WiFi connectivity and optional accessories - wired hand remote controller and temperature probe. Now even manual focus changes using your mobile phone/tablet are so simple that even a toddler can do it (check our Youtube channel for a demonstration on a prototype unit). At the same time it is also retaining mounting compatiblity with our older units, so upgrading to AF2 is as simple as swaping the units - no need to change mount adapters or belts.


The brand new William Optics RedCat telescope is an alternative to the widefield lens shooting with 250mm of focal length. With the helical focuser, focusing can be quite time consuming process even with the Bahtinov mask (especially with narrowband filters). Our autofocuser will save you time and frustration by providing pinpoint stars on your beautiful photos of the cosmos. Our AF2 unit is mounted via 3D printed adapter to the utility holes on the black compression ring. It is also includes shoe barcket, you can mount the autoguider on the top of it via longer bolts. We designed the bracket so that the whole setup is nicely balanced even when the autoguider is mounted.

In stock, starting from 200€


With wide field astrophotography gaining in popularity we designed a solution to apply our stress-free session philosophy also to this interesting field. We are starting with our standard pack which provides you with a mounting solution for your astro/DSLR camera, lenses and guide scope to an alt-az or equatorial telescope mount and enables use of our AF units for autofocusing. But we are not stopping here, so stay tuned to our social media channels to learn about additional accessories and interesting setups (dual shooting...) we are preparing for you. Even if you are currently not shooting wide fields, you might still want to join in - you might like what you'll see and we'll show you how to do it in a budget conscious way. No more improvised mounting solutions and carrying Bahtinov masks in your pocket!