William Optics Zenith Star 61 APO FLP-53 from North Optics

North Optics

The 61 mm opening apocromatic (2,4 inch) of William Optics Zenithstar is the most versatile and portable telescope manufactured by William Optics. It provides a clear image in any digital SLR camera for visual observers and astrophotographers. With Only 300 mm long and a weight of 1.45 kilos is the apocromatic telescope with the most compact and transportable objective-53 goal of the market.
This telescope is built with the best optical and mechanical materials subjected to rigorous testing of interferometry to achieve the best level of optics on the market.

The low dispersion properties of the ed and SD glass used in the lens lens are important to determine the general color correction. With an index of abbe number v, the first quality fpl53 material is used for the best achievable color correction. The size of the full frame sensor is about 36 x 24 mm.
The Target type is a double double fpl53, air spacing, the lens lens is completly coated with Multi-layer Treatment. The Dew Shield is retractable to minimize the saved space.

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