RSF motor focuser for RC RSF-8, RSF-10, RSF-12


Power up your astronomy

Professional grade high performance mount with large worm wheels.



Here is a secondary mirror moving motor focuser for RC telescopes.

But disappointed with Focuser!
This product is equipped with a crayford focuser, but many users are investing a lot of money to replace it with a more accurate focuser. 

It is already in use for large RC telescopes. 
All custom-made large RC telescopes use secondary mirror motor focusers.
" The RSF series is provided as a DIY kit and can be easily installed by anyone.“ 

Perfect compatible
The RSF Series can be easily and completely mounted without damaging your telescope. The location of the secondary mirror is the same as before. In addition, the optical axis can be readjusted easily after mounting the motor focuser. 

ASCOM Driver
The RSF series supports ASCOM Driver, convenient and precise control is possible by connecting to PC via USB. You can also create an autofocusing environment through programming based on your abilities. (this is not supported by Rainbow)