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The Worlds 1st Live Alert App

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- The app-based Northern Lights detection system has an accuracy rate far beyond others and ensures travellers will never be left disappointed

Unlike all other alert apps in existence, which rely on NOAA ‘space weather’ forecasts that require experience to read, Live Aurora Network sends out real time alerts based on what is actually seen in the sky, Live Aurora Network sends real time alerts based on the visual detection of aurora

A UNIQUE algorithm has been developed with ‘global first’ technology for a newly launched app, which helps users chase down the Northern Lights by eliminating the guess work and only working in real-time.

The Live Aurora Network app is linked to a network of six HD cameras situated in hand-picked ‘dark sky’ locations around Iceland and Norway (September), with more to follow in Canada and Alaska, these include one overlooking the Eyjafjallajökull volcano, and another overlooking the Kirkjufell mountain and one situated at Lofoten Links golf resort in Norway. Users visiting Iceland and Norway can take advantage of a one button click to either get directions to these locations with little to no light pollution, where the Northern Lights are particularly spectacular, or book an overnight stay with Live Aurora Network’s partnered Airbnb site at each location.


LiveAuroraNetwork is designed to enable tourists and tour-guides a real time alert system that can detect the wonder that is the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).

We have achieved this by placing a network of Sony A7SII Cameras which constantly stream incredible views at 30fps when the Aurora is detected. They are located around the Aurora oval across Iceland (phase 1).
Linked to our Algorithm it will detect when this natural light show appears in real time. Our cutting edge technology will filter through all of the live feeds provided by our cameras, detecting the strength of the Aurora and potential duration of the show, whilst also being linked to magnetometers that are located next to each camera, to help gather valuable scientific data that until now has not been possible.


The liveAuroraNetwork App will have a completely live feed of where the Aurora is currently being seen. We will then alert anyone who has downloaded our App to where the show is, and provide directions from your location to the nearest active camera. We also provide an option for a place to stay that night through AirB&B, right underneath the show!
We have linked our App to the current weather forecast and KP-index forecast for that evening, to give you time and the best chance to get to the desired location to watch the show.
Or you can simply sit back in your cosy house and watch in real time all the Aurora displays on every camera.

Live Aurora Network App

Never miss the Northern Lights again with our real-time alerts of when the aurora is detected on our network of live cameras. Zoomable map with directions to our locally picked dark sky area. Localized weather forecast at each location. Live Kp rating. Live HD feed from every location. The only App that is not a forecast of possible Aurora, we only notify you if the lights are out. Don’t be left out in the cold without seeing the Aurora!