ASTRO-PHYSICS Mach1GTO German Equatorial Mount with GTOCP4 Control Box Auto-Adjusting Motor Gearbox


The GTOCP4 Control Box offers multiple connection options to suit your requirements including wifi, ethernet, USB and serial ports. In addition to all the features carried forward from previous control boxes, the GTOCP4 applies safety slew logic to all slew commands. Future firmware updates will be available via direct downloads.


Auto-Adjusting Motor/Gearboxes

Our new motor/gearboxes were designed to be more responsive for precision astro-photography, while at the same time making it super easy to use and adjust. Here are some key features:


Spring-loaded worms maintain full contact under all guiding and slewing conditions

Automatic setting for worm mesh requires no adjustments over long time periods

Very easy to do precision balance by new mechanism which allows full backing off the worm from the worm wheel

Very low backlash geartrain eliminates Dec reversal delays and provides high position accuracy during guiding.


Geartrain components are made with high-strength stainless alloy for extremely low wear even with continuous slewing applications

Worms made with high-strength alloy eliminates wear during long periods of slewing, especially useful for remote setups that do survey work

All worms are tested to meet stringent periodic error specs. Error is measured with PEMPro and the resultant compensating curve is loaded into the servo controller so you can use the PEM function to remove 90% of the variability even in non-encoder mounts.


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