StellarTune HEQ5 Mount



£215.83 ex. tax


We are proud to announce that we now offer a 2 year limited warranty on all

Sub-Arcsecond StellarTune HEQ5, NEQ6 and AZEQ6GT EQ Mounts,

re-engineered to our enhanced Bonneville Build Type.

This HEQ5 was running a solid 0.9 Arcsec over a three hour session as part of our reference testing using standard bearings. Hybrid-Ceramic versions, can take this lower to circa 0.6 arcsec, and our Zero Drop Frame tuning methodology ensures that all out mounts are rebuilt to perform a similar level of performance.



Work includes:


Every Mount is examined externally for any damage and owner notified for any extra-parts (replacement Sky-Watcher EQ bolts for example).


The Mount is stripped back in both axis to component level, inspected for damage or wear, and degreased and ultrasonically cleaned where applicable. Bearings are then replaced with low friction SKF bearings as standard, or better still Hybrid-Ceramic worm-gear bearings, that really do improve the responsiveness of this mount. All bearings are checked before fitting.

Owners are notified for any extra-parts and time if required if there is a need of repair, as other costs may be incurred.


Mount is reassembled using upgraded greases and oils which operate in all temperatures from -25ºC to +50ºC (we use them in our Export Service and our own products so have been tested at these temperatures for over three years!).


We fit the optional Rowan Astronomy Belt kit that allows you to use the existing handset, which also is a major contribution to the mounts performance by eliminating backlash in the standard brass drive gears. It also removes the noisy meshing noises when going into and out of fast slewing.  


The Mount is then bench tested and adjusted to remove backlash in the worm gear, and to ensure the operation of the mount is as cohesive as it can be.


GoTo Handset and Mount are checked for Firmware updates and updated with latest code as required and also tested for operation.


In the case of axis repairs and tuning we carry out a load test on every mount with either an 8 inch f5 Reflector or 100mm f9 Refractor - or 70mm Refractor for smaller mounts, and adjust so to ensure the mount is performing as it should under real-world conditions.


Your mount is then readied for shipping/collection. Our three-way UK/EU Courier Service is just £39 fully insured using a tracked service, if you don't have original packaging.


The mount is videoed/photographed during evaluation, disassembly and rebuild, with a soundwave check to confirm drivetrain signature. A Mount Report is available for an extra charge. All work carried out is now covered by our 24 month limited warranty.