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The Trius-SX814 is a higher resolution version of the very popular H694 camera. It has a similarly high QE and low thermal noise, but offers 9.19 megapixels of resolution. Each pixel is 3.69 x 3.69 uM in size. This very high resolution makes the 814 particularly well suited to the super-fast short focus 'scopes and 'Hyperstar' systems that are now widely in use. The new 'Trius' version adds a triple USB hub and Argon fill to the H814 design.




Image format - 3388 x 2712 pixels in a 12.5 x 10mm array.


Pixel size - 3.69 x 3.69 uM


QE - Peak (Yellow light) approx. 75%, H-alpha approx. 60%


Well depth - 15,000e


System gain - 0.25e / ADU


Image download time - 7 seconds in 1 x 1 binning mode


Cooling - 2 stage high efficiency Peltier cooler giving approx. -40C temperature reduction


Triple port powered USB hub built-in.


Dry Argon filled CCD chamber.


Power consumption - 1.5 amps max. at 12v DC (universal AC supply provided)


Back focal length 17mm +/-1mm.