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Dobsonian Astrophotography

You don't need to have expensive high end setup to start doing Astrophotography.


Technically Dobsonian (Alt-Az design) mounted telescope is designed for Observational purpose only but if you have a Digicam or DSLR capable of connecting to the telescope at prime focus you can do some descent Astrophotography right off the setup without need of expensive tracking mountsetup.


Since planets appear very tiny in field of view (at native focal length of standard telescope) you will need to have Barlow lens 2X or 3X to achieve higher magnification essential for Planetary imaging.


Why Stack?


For Planetary Imaging you need to capture & stack multiple frames to enhance S/N ratio for getting better details.


10 dob scope

So even the poor quality frames after stacking & enhancing gives descent looking final output revealing lots of details.


1] Capture multiple (3-4) short duration (10-15 sec) videos at higher FPS.


2] Use Planetary image Pre-processor (PIPP) to make stabilized AVI from your videos.


3] Use Stabilized AVI video as Input for stacking program like Autostakkert2


4] Sharpen the output image from Autostakkert2 using Wavelets adjustment in Registax


5] Enhance further using Photoshop


Process is bit lengthy but surely it gives good results once you practice it often & improve your skills.


Hope this short guide will be helpful for new people looking forward to start basic Astrophotography using manual tracking telescope setup which is easy on the budget as well. :)


- Equipment used -

- Sky-watcher 10 inch Manual Dobsonian.

- ZWO ASI 120MC-S Camera on Orion 3X Barlow for - --    Planetary imaging.

- Canon 550D for Lunar imaging.


By  Abhijit Juvekar of