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André van der Hoeven

I’m André van der Hoeven from HI-Ambacht in The Netherlands. I was born in 1975 and after high-school I studied Aerospace Engineering at the University of Technology in Delft. During my studies I had a high interested in everything related to Earth related research from space and during my bachelor I worked for a period of two months in the field of processing and analysis of Landsat Satellite imagery.


During my master studies I specialised in the field of GPS data processing and analysis resulting in a research of the influence of water vapour on the GPS signal delays. These results were used to set up a water vapour measurement network for the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute (KNMI).


After my studies I worked for 7 years in the university doing GPS research on plate tectonic movements in Indonesia, The Azores and Romania.


When leaving university I decided to share my experiences with younger students and became a high-school physics teacher. Besides this I have been active in writing curriculum materials for physics education.





Since childhood I have been interested in astronomy and space travel. In 2010 I got the opportunity in school to write materials to teach astronomy to my students. The writing of this material re-triggered my interest in this topic and I wanted to do more with this.


In March 2010 I bought my first telescope, a Celestron C11, and by coincidence a CCD camera was together with the telescope, an SBIG-ST7. So in April 2010 I started with astrophotography and since then I have been continuously trying to improve my techniques and equipment. The results of my efforts and long nights can be seen on this site. I hope you have fun


The Universe is beautiful, and you are part of it


This books guides you along the most beautiful places imaged by the large space observatories and amateurs from Earth.


Visit the galaxy M106 with all its splendorous starclusters, and take a flight along the Elephant Trunk, an impressive star formation area. Take a close look at planetary nebulae, like the magnificent ring nebula and land on Mars together with the Curiosity mission.


This book contains an overview of some of the nicest places in our universe. Every object is shown with imagery made by amateurs and professionals and an extended background information.


Author: André van der Hoeven

Language: English

Title: Treasures of the Universe – Amateur and professional visions of the cosmos

Pages: 152

Size: 21 x 25 x 2,5 cm

Weight: 1065 grams

ISBN10: 9082472103

ISBN13: 9789082472103


This is a continuation of a project I started about 2,5 years ago when I worked on a mosaic of Messier 106, made using images of the Hubble Space Telescope.



This image is a continuation of an image I made in 2014 of the M81/82 galaxy group. I made the images and found signals of integrated flux nebula surrounding the galaxies. Soon after that I got in touch with Neil Fleming who had a splendid image of the IFN in this region on his website and a fellow astrophotographer, Michael van Doorn, who had imaged the galaxies using his hyperstar setup.